A downloadable Game Demo for Windows

Atlas Wept is a retro style pixel art RPG with semi-turn based combat involving action based dodging mechanics.

Explore a unique world from the perspective of two separate teams of characters as their seemingly unrelated adventures slowly come together in a search for the ultimate truth.

This demo contains the first 2 chapters of a planned 12 chapter adventure. In addition, it contains the beta version of a planned rouge-lite bonus gameplay mode called 'meta mode'.


Keyboard Controls:

  1. Move - WASD/Arrows
  2. Confirm/Dash - C
  3. Cancel/Menu - X
  4. Map/Pause - Enter
  5. Resize Screen - Esc

Controller Controls:

  1. Move - Left Stick/D-pad
  2. Confirm/Dash - X/A/Square
  3. Cancel/Menu - Y/B/Triangle/O
  4. Map/Pause - Start
  5. Resize Screen - Back


Demo 8.1.zip 88 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play!


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good art RPG like it